Talk to Me

So talk to me about your fears
What keeps you up late, not to pry
Talk to me about the years
And how fast they go by
You can talk to me about the tears
Are there more left to cry?
Just talk to me, have my ears
You’re not fine, don’t you lie
Your thoughts must be lonely
In that tiny caged up place
And this world not so homely
Feeling like this constant race
The judgement not so fairly
There’s no place for second place
Now you’re dying and not so slowly
To prove you’re not a waste of space
You know something
I know a shield when I see one
Like your smile, though convincing
It’s a lid to all you bury down
To bail on me must be tempting
Like you did everyone
You kinda crave touch, but you’re flinching
Now that you’re close to someone.
Till when?
You craved a listening ear
And now I’m here
Talk to me

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Hassan Kassim

Hassan Kassim is a Mombasa-based Creative non-fiction writer, recently longlisted for the Toyin Falola prize, blogger and translator of Kiswahili work. A beneficiary of the Penpen program by African Writers Development Trust(AWDT) commissioned by Culture at Work Africa and the European Union(E.U), and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Management. Hassan writes about the ill-documented Communities of Coastal Kenya. His work has appeared in Writers Space Africa; his 2 non-fiction stories published in the anthology 'Twaweza,' a collaborative effort of 12 African writers on the African identity and set to appear in the forthcoming anthology for the Toyin Falola prize.

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