• Public Speaking

    A friend calls to ask if I recommended her for this ‘opportunity’ she’d been called to …
  • On the Writer’s Desk

    The lie in fiction is on the reader’s part; convinced what he’s witnessing is all the m…
  • How To Start a Successful Youth Initiative in Mombasa in 10 Easy Steps

    It happens that I was minding my business when a friend who had been recently transferr…
  • That Time of the Year

    It was buried that October. The seeded fear I’d enshroud my uncle with after my parents…
  • The Ocean Walks the Aisle

    The ocean walks the aisle Marries the sand underneath my feet A thirsting ankle for wha…
  • When We Talk About Love

    As much as the next person, I’m a tiny bit obsessed with the notion: everything happens…

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    Hassan Kassim is a Kenyan-based Creative non-fiction writer, blogger and translator of Kiswahili works with over 2 years of experience. A beneficiary of the Penpen program by African Writers Development Trust(AWDT) commissioned by Culture at Work Africa, and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Management.


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